Instructor Support

Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                           13th February   2018                                                                    






We are offering Instructor Support for those colleagues who are either already teaching courses in English or are going to teach from September 2018.


These are individual consultation sessions designed for the following purposes:


- to proofread slides for lecture use

- to discuss/ check lesson plans

- to consult on pronunciation and grammar/ structure issues

- to discuss teaching methodology queries

- to assist in constructing and formulating exams, tests


The sessions can be booked by email on a first come first served basis. There is one session available per week with 3 consultants working in rotation. The sessions are devised solely for material and queries for academic courses taught in English and only material brought to the session can be dealt with in the allocated time.


Bookings can be made by contacting Szabó Gábor at

When booking, please specify the nature of the problem you would like to discuss.


 Best Regards,


dr.Ferenc Csendes

associate professor

Head of Foreign Language Centre


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